TAILGATE COUNTRY is a platform for artists to share their story. We sit down with our guests to discuss their story, their musical influences, their new music releases and many other things. You never know what kind of crazy tour story we may hear. Guests have included Kolby Cooper, Morgan Wade, Michael Ray, Ian Munsick, Ray Fulcher, Ashley Cooke, Kenton Bryant, and William Michael Morgan, among many others.

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Ohio native Wyatt McCubbin joins the podcast to talk his latest string of songs, his upbringing and songwriting with 50 Egg Music.

Get to know our guests

We pride ourselves on having a diverse cast of guests. From Texas to Tennessee and everywhere in between, we bring in artists from every aspect of the industry.


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Check out our most popular episodes below with some of our favorite guests!

Kolby Cooper

Kolby is one of Texas’ rising superstars, making massive strides in both Texas and Nashville.

Morgan Wade

Morgan is one of Nashville’s most respected players in the game and growing a name for herself.

Ray Fulcher

Ray is one of Nashville’s most accomplished songwriters and bolsters a few high-energy EPs.