Q: Do you think that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the consumption or release of your songs this year?

A: Probably not… I think people early on were watching more TV than listening to music but i think its leveled back out and more people are consuming online music to make up for live music being gone.

Q: If you answered yes above, do you believe it helped or hurt the numbers/ performance of your release?

A: Probably a wash… i make a lot of new fans each year through live shows but probably still made new fans online.

Q: Have you gone through more than one stage of releasing music during the pandemic (March–present)? Ex. Writing & having recorded a song, Recording & releasing a song, etc.

A: I released a new EP in April and have working on another to release next year… 

Q: Have you had to cancel/postpone recording sessions or releases due to gathering restrictions, quarantine, or other COVID-related reasons?

A: I pushed my Ep release from March to April because of COVID.

Q: How has the process (writing, recording, producing) been affected by restrictions related to COVID-19?

A: Been harder to do in person writes and scheduling with Zoom has been hard, especially because some people dont like doing online writing.

Q: What’s been your primary mode for writing sessions, review sessions, etc. during the pandemic (Zoom, FaceTime, others)?

A: Mostly zoom but a few in persons with close friends sprinkled in.

Q: Do you believe that the writing/recording/producing process has been made better or worse during the pandemic?

  • Easier or harder?
  • More or less efficient?

A: Harder and less efficient but the challenges have brought new opportunities and ways to make music we hadnt thought of before which has been interesting.

Q: Have you found yourself with more time or less time to make new music during quarantine?

A: More time to make music because less distractions but less time to record it and play it live.

Q: What lasting impacts do you think the pandemic will have on your career? 

A: I think it will mostly be seen as a building year for so many since we havent been able to tour and record releases have been pushed back.

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