Clever wordplay is one of the staples of country music. Take a listen to Luke Combs’ song Beer Can– he’s not only singing about a beer can, but also that things a beer can do. Or Whiskey Glasses by Morgan Wallen, he sings “poor me, pour me another drink.” Wordplay being used on the different meanings of poor and pour. Rob Pennington’s new song Messed Up Make Up is no different.

Along with co-writers Ray Fulcher and Chris Rogers, Pennington and the crew paint the story of a girl who constantly makes up with an ex who always ends up hurting her to the point of tears, leaving her makeup messed up. Pennington, Fulcher, and Rogers thought of a plethora of other clever makeup related puns to bring the story to fruition.

Heavy electric guitar licks and loud drums turn this story into an upbeat jam. Look for it to be released on all platforms tonight at midnight, and look forward to our podcast episode featuring Pennington in early December!

Written by Hunter Baxter

Photo credit

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