Written by Brett Gibbons

The Chad Cooke Band has put out a couple songs lately that have been straight gas: Bringing Country Back and Cowboy’s Cowgirl. Their latest release, set for November 27, is a major change of pace for the guys.

Brothers is a heartfelt song about brothers growing up together that moved away, as life goes. It’s a story about having each other’s back, the forever bond that brothers form, and how that bond is unbreakable, especially through tragedy (we won’t give away too much).

There’s no question as to why the words resonate so well and the story is told so fluidly– Andy Albert (Happens Like That), Jordan Walker (When It Rains It Pours), and Brian Carper (Til Tomorrow) were the writers on this one.

It’s a classic country concept, but that doesn’t mean this song isn’t powerful and effective at what it does. It applies to everyone and doesn’t have to be taken at face value– brothers are those who’ve formed a bond through growing up and could be applied to a best friend, too.

Brothers will release to all streaming platforms Nov. 27 at midnight. You can pre-save the song HERE.

Listen to our episode with the guys at the Chad Cooke Band below:

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