Written by Hunter Baxter

Fridays are traditionally huge days for new releases. 20 or 30 songs can be release on any given Friday, so which ones are you supposed to listen to? That’s what the Saturday Sixer is for– letting you know our top six songs from this week.

Buy A Boy A Baseball – Granger Smith

What happens when you buy a boy a baseball? A lot, according to Granger Smith. My favorite song off Granger’s latest album Country Things, Vol. 2, Buy A Boy A Baseball (Brad Rempel, Jon Nite, Justin Ebach), is all about the things a little boy can learn from the simple gift of a baseball. While Granger didn’t have a hand in writing this one, you can’t help but think he’s singing about his young son, Lincoln. 

Ain’t For Sale, Mark Leach

Mark Leach’s latest single is all about those things that money can’t buy– “the best things in life that you can’t put a price on,” as he says in the song. The song really makes you stop and think about all the things that really matter. It’s not the guitar but the stories behind it, not the diamond you bought but the hand it goes on, and not where you’re going but where you’re from. 

Brothers – Chad Cooke Band

Chad Cooke Band really switches up the pace with their latest song, Brothers. Its a heartfelt song about brothers growing up together that moved away, as life goes. It’s a story about having each other’s back, the forever bond that brothers form, and how that bond is unbreakable, especially through tragedy. 

Bo Armstrong – Chasing Ballads

The title track of Bo Armstrong’s first full length album (also released this week), Chasing Ballads, is all about chasing the dream, blazing your own trail, and refusing to be told no. The Dallas, Texas native fuses Texas country with Americana to create his own easy-listening sound. 

Touchdown Town – Aaron Watson

The fourth release off Aaron Watson’s newly announced album, American Soul, is all about football Friday nights. This song makes you reminisce your high school days whether you were a football player or just cheering along in the student section. 

Crooked Teeth – Zach Bryan

We aren’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to let you know about the superstar in the making that is Zach Bryan. Are you a fan of stripped down country music that’s focused on great storytelling and traditional country themes? Good news– this song is for you. Check out the whole EP, Quiet, Heavy Dreams, while you’re at it, but this song is exceptional.

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