Written by Brett Gibbons

When I first heard Cold by Chris Stapleton, I did multiple Google searches to find out who the original was written or recorded by. It’s that good; I thought it was a classic song that was covered by the great that is Chris Stapleton.

Turns out, no– it’s his own song, he even helped write it.

This song is legitimately incredible; it combines all of Stapleton’s strengths. The story is mournful and heavy, the lyrics are ridiculously powerful, the score is perfect for this kind of track.

Excellence is nothing new to Stapleton. He’s one of the modern legends that’s carved himself a reputation that extends well beyond country and Americana. His latest release, Starting Over, is a masterpiece in itself, but Cold might just be the most powerful and masterful track off it.

During the writing of this, I did another two searches to find the real origin of this song. The only covers off this record are Joy Of My Life (John Fogerty), Old Friends (Guy Clark), and Worry B Gone (Guy Clark). This song has jazzy feels in the instrumental solo, vibes of The Eagles in the orchestral swells, and Elton John piano feels in the intro.

This song is legit incredible. Listen to it, listen to it again, and– just for good measure– a third time. Cold isn’t going away anytime soon. It might just be Stapleton’s next biggest hit and, potentially, his finest work ever.

2020 has brought us a glut of amazing tunes and I have heard music I truly love come out this year. But nothing has quite hit me in the same way that Cold by Chris Stapleton has.

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