Written by Hunter Baxter

Fridays are traditionally huge days for new releases. 20 or 30 songs can be release on any given Friday, so which ones are you supposed to listen to? That’s what the Saturday Sixer is for– letting you know our top six songs from this week.

Santa Clause is Going to Town – Jason Nix

Jason Nix is bringing the heat to Christmas music with this one and Santa is tying one on at the Christmas party. I’m not a big Christmas music fan, but a song about Santa going to town on a case of Budweiser– count me in. Having this one on repeat from now until Christmas and maybe even after. 

Growing Up – Matt McKinney

Matt McKinney paints the picture of something many young artists are facing, envy. Growing Up is all about watching your friends get married, have babies, buy houses, and have successful jobs; while he’s broke and chasing a crazy Honkytonk dream. I’d say if Matt keeps putting out song like this he’ll be on his way to “gettin hitched, savin up, gettin rich” in no time. This one is jam and belongs on your playlist. 

Girl Like Mine – William Michael Morgan

Clearly, William Michael Morgan has one pretty damn good girl. Girl Like Mine is about how a girl just like Willie’s will fix all your problems. She’s one in a million, hard to breathe without and one who’s got your back through thick and thin. Guys, lets all hope we can find a girl just like his to save us.

Me Against the Mountain – Ian Munsick

Ian Munsick owns his sound, there is no mistaking it. He brings his western mountain sound to his latest release, Me Against the Mountain. The song is about a “mountain” that’s in his way of getting to his significant other. This song features an ultra-pleasing fiddle and Ian’s patented background vocals. He continues to shake up country music with this one. 

Dicked Down in Dallas – Trey Lewis

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard Trey Lewis’s latest breakup anthem. He broke the internet, took over Tik Tok, and landed himself the #1 spot on the iTunes chart for several days running. While the song is an incredibly catchy song about and ex doing– well, you know– all over the map, Trey has a whole catalogue of songs that deserve as much recognition at this one. Give this one a listen, and the other songs he has out on all the streaming platforms; you won’t be disappointed. 

Show Me Around – Carly Pearce 

Carly’s latest song is a tribute to the late producer, Busbee. Busbee has had an incredible impact on Carly’s career from writing songs with her to producing all of her music. This song is an incredible tribute to her producer and the impact he’s had on the music industry. I highly recommend you take a couple minutes to pause and really listen to it. 

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