Written by Brett Gibbons

With the help of Dalton Domino, the Lowdown Drifters released their latest single, Give Up On The Dream. It’s an anthem for artists and entrepreneurs who sacrifice everything in the face of being told to give up on their dream.

The concept of perseverance is a common one in country music– all music, really– but this isn’t a tired take on it. Give Up On The Dream is easy listening and feels like a breath of fresh air during a time where we all could use one of those.

It’s not just for artists though, the concept of perseverance and pursuing “the dream” is transitive to all self-starters. Even when faced with your “last dollar” (per the song), never give up on yourself.

It’s the Lowdown Drifters’ sixth release this year, with each one differing in tone and themes. Give Up On The Dream is also the first track released with another artist– Dalton Domino– this year for the band.

Domino’s unique voice stands out in the song, but also works in nicely with the folksy space that the Lowdown Drifters thrive in.

Give Up On The Dream feels like driving down an open highway and the song might just be suited for such. It has the makings to be the group’s biggest song yet.

Check the song out for yourself on all streaming platforms and check out the Lowdown Drifters on social media @thelowdowndrifters.

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