Written by Brett Gibbons

Bottom line: 2020 sucked. As fans, we missed out on live concerts. Artists lost out on far more– missing out on shows and paychecks. It was a total wash as far as the community and shows are concerned, but it was an amazing year for music.

In all seriousness, it was one of the best years for music in recent memory.

That being said, let’s take a look at 100 amazing songs that were released in 2020, in no particular order. This isn’t meant to be the 100 best songs (that’s subjective) nor a comprehensive list. Just a collection of great music that’s worth revisiting, or even visiting for the first time if you missed it the first time out:

  • While You’re Gone, Drew Parker
  • More Than My Hometown, Morgan Wallen
  • Like A Cowboy, Parker McCollum
  • Mama Didn’t Listen, Mikele Buck Band
  • Drinks, Jon Langston
  • Girls and Beer, Manny Blu
  • Colder Than You, Canaan Smith
  • Cold, Chris Stapleton
  • This Bar, Morgan Wallen
  • Getting Over Him, Lauren Alaina
  • If I Was A Bar, Matt Stell
  • Rainbow Stew-Live, Kacey Musgraves
  • One Night Standard, Ashley McBryde
  • As Far As I Know, Sean Stemaly
  • Six Feet Apart, Luke Combs
  • 20/10 TN, Tucker Beathard
  • Ghost Town, Mike Ryan
  • River Road Dream, Curtis Grimes
  • The Other Guy, Mark Leach
  • Ain’t Just The Van, Muscadine Bloodline
  • Better Than Me, Riley Green
  • Money On You, Jason Nix
  • Boys, Muscadine Bloodline
  • Better Memory, CJ Solar
  • Bombs Away, Chris Colston
  • Sparrow, Ashley McBryde
  • Don’t Say, Muscadine Bloodline
  • I’ve Got It Made, Josh Turner feat. John Anderson
  • Old Money, Manny Blu
  • Little Less Broken, Luke Bryan
  • Girls, Karissa Ella
  • Western Swing and Waltzes, Colter Wall
  • High & Mighty, Colter Wall
  • Bad Women, Matt Bennett
  • Arkansas, Chris Stapleton
  • Redhead, Caylee Hammack feat. Reba
  • Happy Ever After, Jon Langston
  • Outlaw, Kurt Freeman
  • Lubbock, Koe Wetzel
  • Whoever’s In New England, Cody Johnson
  • Hard Days, Brantley Gilbert
  • If I Still Had It, Kolby Cooper
  • If It Wasn’t For Trucks, Riley Green
  • Small Town Girl, Lainey Wilson
  • Drunk Side of Drinkin’, Carly Rogers
  • Young Man’s Blues, Parker McCollum
  • After Midnight, Muscadine Bloodline
  • She’ll Run, CJ Solar
  • Where Are We Goin’, Luke Bryan
  • Die From A Broken Heart, Maddie & Tae
  • WWDD, Lainey Wilson
  • Doing Life With Me, Eric Church
  • Somebody’s Problem, Morgan Wallen
  • I’m Never Drinking Again, Josh Kiser
  • Hallie Ray Light, Parker McCollum
  • Wild World, Kip Moore
  • Where I Get It From, Granger Smith
  • Solo, Ian Munsick
  • Last House Standing, Mark Leach
  • Crooked Teeth, Zach Bryan
  • Jesus and Wranglers, Riley Green
  • Takin’ It As It Comes, Randall King
  • Back On The Bottle, Brothers Osborne
  • .89 Cents, Jason Nix
  • Heaven On Dirt, Tyler Farr
  • Country In Me, Lauren Alaina
  • The Devil’s Wife, Joey Greer
  • Love Ya Son Go Dawgs, Ray Fulcher
  • Still A Little Country Left, Curtis Grimes
  • Cowboy’s Cowgirl, Chad Cooke Band
  • Here’s Looking At You Kid, Bo Armstrong
  • Two Wildflowers And A Box Of Wine, Ashland Craft
  • Five Beers, Chris Colston
  • One Day, Triston Marez
  • Southpaw, Kip Moore
  • Champaign Night, Lady A
  • Waste of Lime, Ingrid Andress
  • My Dogs Are Home, Tara Thompson
  • Crazy Like You, Brandon Lay
  • Where That Beer’s Been, Travis Denning
  • Down Home Runs Deep, Chase Rice
  • Cowboy Cool, William Michael Morgan
  • Mama Didn’t Raise No, Garrett Biggs
  • No I In Beer, Brad Paisley
  • Rhinestoned, Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen
  • ABBY, Travis Denning
  • Hey Cowgirl, Randall King
  • Trainwreck, Ashland Craft
  • Not A Bad Way To Go, Wynn Williams
  • Just Another, Carly Rogers
  • Give Up The Dream, Lowdown Drifters feat. Dalton Domino
  • Brothers, Chad Cooke Band
  • Me About Me, Raelynn
  • One Nightstand, Kolby Cooper
  • Born To Ride, Manny Blu
  • Bluebonnets, Carlton Anderson
  • Here Goes Nothing, Muscadine Bloodline feat. Jordan Fletcher

It was a busy year we’re all glad to be putting in the rearview mirror, but country music helped get us through it. There’s plenty more music slated to come out in 2021. It’ll take a massive year in music to top this past one.

Here’s to hoping!

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