Written by Brett Gibbons

A blind-ear test would tell you that Braden Jamison is a born and bred Texan. However Jamison hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma– bringing a true red dirt, classic country sound to the table that’s sorely needed in modern country music.

Playin’ George was released in late November and follows up his other 2020 release, Blame It On The Night (which has pulled over 118,000 streams on Spotify). Unlike many songs released in 2020, this song isn’t meant to be played at a Nashville night club. It’s place is a dusty old Oklahoma bar where the beer is cheap and the bartender knows you by name.

Despite never having heard it before, Playin’ George offers a familiar feel– one of classic country music you’d hear in the car radio growing up. His other work (particularly Hometown Kid) sounds reminiscent of other “country revivalists” hailing from Texas like Randall King, Triston Marez, and Josh Abbott.

Jamison plays into an old country trope that’s often found in Texas country music: two stepping and listening to old school legendary artists. However, he plays it well and the theme never feels tired.

He’s already opened up for Toby Keith and Jimmie Allen in his young career (the kid’s just 19). Familiarize yourself with Jamison’s catalogue because you might just be hearing it at your local honky tonk sooner rather than later.

Check Braden Jamison and Playin’ George out on all music streaming platforms and on Instagram @braden_jamison.

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