Written by Hunter Baxter

Let me just start off with saying that I still have Bo Armstrong’s new record, Chasing Ballads, on repeat. There isn’t a bad song on that thing and he continues the trend with his newest song, I Love Somebody Else (w/ Madison Rodges,) that comes out this Friday.

Bo graciously sent us this song a couple days early, and let me just say he doesn’t miss. With out giving away too much, the song is an incredible duet about the ending of a relationship. It’s about putting so much effort into a relationship and having the bravery and courage to admit that it’s just not working out. Time to love somebody else. Bo brings along Texas native, Madison Rodges, to accompany him and their voices couldn’t complement each other better.

I had the opportunity to ask Bo about the songwriting process on this one, and how he decided that it would be a duet. He said, “I wrote this song nearly two years ago from the perspective of my older sister. She was putting an end to a relationship she had invested herself deeply in over the course of several years, and I was totally overwhelmed by her bravery…to put so much of yourself into something and then have the courage to admit that it’s no longer worth pursuing…it was inspiring and relatable, and I wanted to honor her experience. For posterity sake, I recorded a stripped down version of the song while in the studio working on Chasing Ballads, but because it was written for a female voice, I never really thought about releasing it…until it hit me during quarantine that it could make for a pretty great duet…and I had the perfect voice in mind. Madison and I met through a songwriting competition and, coincidently, through sharing a single release day this past August. She has such an enchanting voice —it’s delicate but powerful all at once, and that rare combination is exactly what I thought the song needed. The version we are releasing is that original recording from the Chasing Ballads session plus Madison’s vocal and some added bass, steel, and banjo. We’re all really happy with the way it turned out. It’s sparse, but I think it captures the honesty of the song just right.” It’s always so interesting to me to hear the stories behind how songs come to be, and this one is no different.

Be sure to check this awesome song when it comes out this Friday and support both Bo and Madison by listening to all of their music on streaming platforms. You can find Bo on instragram @bo_armstrong and Madison @madisonrodgesmusic

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