By Hunter Baxter

Tailgate Country’s Saturday Sixer is all about our six favorite new music releases from the past week. Take our advice on these ones, grab a beer or a glass of whiskey and turn ’em up to 10.

Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, Lainey Wilson

I’ve been waiting for this album to come out ever since Lainey Wilson released her Redneck Hollywood EP back in fall of 2019. That EP was full of nothing but Jams and I wanted more. Most of the time I don’t like it when artists include a pre-released EP in an album, but it works here. This album has got a whole lot of party in songs like Neon Diamonds, LA, Straight Up Sideways, WWDD, and Pipe. A little bit of hurt in songs like Sunday Best, Things A Man Oughta Know and Keeping Bars in Business. And songs to fill in the gaps like Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, Rolling Stone, and Dirty Looks. The wait for this album was well worth it.

Sawin’ Logs, Dillon Carmichael

Ever find yourself on the last glass of a Bota Box? Ever have to go to the store for more? Ever see the firewood at the store and think a fire in the fireplace would take the night to the next level? Ever get home and find your girl passed out on the couch snoring louder than your great-uncle after Thanksgiving Dinner? If you answered yes to all of those questions you might be stuck with a cold Busch Light. All jokes aside, Dillon Carmichael released this fun one, Sawin’ Logs, after debuting it on TikTok a few weeks ago. Dillon has been on fire lately, unlike his wood, (sorry I had too) with the new songs he’s been releasing and this one is no different.

Back To Being Broke, Justin Holt ft. Clay Barker

Justin Holt and Clay Barker are two of the best up and coming singer/songwriters in Nashville, and they’ve teamed up on their new song Back To Being Broke. Back To Being Broke is a break-up anthem all about a girl who is just interested in you for your money. As soon as the money runs out she’s on to the next guy with a fat bank account. Until his money runs out.

29, Carly Pearce

Man, is this album heavy. 29 by Carly Pearce is a beautifully, heavy, sad album. I can applaud Carly enough for the venerably she shows here. She put it all on the table in the song 29. She talks about how at 29 she was supposed to find herself, get married and buy a house. But it didn’t turn out like that for her. In just one year she got married and divorced. I can’t even imagine how hard this song must have been to write and record. Another one of the heavy songs on the album is, Show Me Around. Written for her late producer, Busbee. Liability is a great song about how a guys ability to lie is a liability to the relationship. Overall this album is just what Carly needed to put out, it takes you through what she is going though in her life right now.

The Flipsides, Adam Hambrick

Adam Hambrick might have one of my favorite voices in the country scene today. His production leans more toward the pop side of country (nothing wrong with that), and it shows in his latest release The Flipsides. This EP features six songs and none of them disappoint. My favorite song off it is Broken Ladder. “Tearing through the whiskey like the county is going dry” is a killer line. Definitely check this one out and the rest of the EP.

Johnny Walker, Jacob Stelly

There is just something incredibly pleasing about a good ole’ Texas Country song. I don’t know if it’s the story telling, the production, or the vocals but it just all works together perfectly, Johnny Walker by Jacob Stelly is no different. Through great story telling, vocals and musical production Jacob tells the story of Johnny Walker. And it’s a must listen.

Well there you have it, my six top releases from this week. Be sure to check all of these out. And while you’re on you favorite sreaming service, be sure to check out the Tailgate Country Podcast. Our latest episode features, Graycie York. This week is a double episode week with interviews from Kylie Trout and Brayden Jamison.

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