By Hunter Baxter

Sentiment is one of the staples of country music and Timmy Brown’s If You Were Here is nothing but sentimental. The song is written for his late grandmother, who passed away five years ago. It features an evolving storyline of the present day– the first verse being about his grandfather, the second about his father, and the third about Brown and his recent move to Nashville. It’s a one of a kind song in a time where many songs out of Nashville can sound boring and generic.

On the story of the song Brown says:

“I wrote this song for my grandmother, who passed away five years ago after battling breast cancer. She was always a big supporter in my music and pushed me to do something I loved. She kept our family going and was always there for us through the good and the bad.

I was able to talk about three generations in this song– starting with my grandfather and what he has been up to since she passed. Then my dad. Then I decided to finish the song telling her what I have been doing since I have moved to Tennessee to chase this dream of mine.

My family misses her so much and I hope people can connect with this song about a loved one they have lost in the past.”

This song– which comes out Friday, February 26th– has made us fans of Timmy Brown and we hope it does to you, as well. In the meantime, be sure to checkout his last release, Play It By Beer.

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