Manny Blu is up to something in Nashville. The Canadian artist is paving his own subgenre he dubs, “country punk,” that might just be the next trend.

On February 26, Blu dropped a video from his next Live and Turned Up series of an unreleased single, 95. It’s a song that takes a dive into Blu’s past and draws heavily on nostalgia. However, unlike many songs of a similar theme, he turns it into an absolute face-melter that’s full of heavy lead guitar and a strong drum presence.

“It’s the perfect sound, visual and swag of what Country Punk is! Country Music with Punk attitude.”

Manny Blu on 95

Following up his latest EP, New Ink (see our write up on that here), Blu is continuing an upbeat blend of country music and rock and roll that’s downright infectious. Songs like Born to Ride and Old Money have really taken off and we can expect 95 to be his next hit.

For now, we’ll have to bask in the glory of his outstanding live rendition. However, Blu revealed to Tailgate Country that we can expect this on his second EP to be released in 2021.

Written by Brett Gibbons

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