I’ll have to admit, I’ve never been to an old honky tonk dance hall in Oklahoma, but after listening to this EP, I sure feel like I have. In just four songs, Braden Jamison captures every possible feeling you could have on any given night at one of these bars. Whether it’s the feeling of longing for the girl that got away in, Hardwood Heartache, of the opposite feeling in, Two-Steppin’ Away, this EP has it all.

Braden prides himself on being a lyrical songwriter, and that shows true in all of the songs on the EP.

On our recent podcast episode, we asked Braden about the process he went through from start to finish for the EP. He mentioned that he isn’t the best at writing upbeat songs, but knew he needed to include on on the EP.

He was able to overcome this challenge with the leadoff song, Bright Future. It features a great play on words relating to the neon lights at a bar and the future of the onlookers ex-girlfriends new man, meaning he’ll be under the bright neon lights after she leaves him. The electric guitar riffs and pedal steel really help Braden capture the fast-paced song he was looking for.

Be sure to check out our latest podcast with Braden for much more on Hardwood Heartache!

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