From Pickin’ & Grinnin to saving lives, Charlie and Gary of Muscadine Bloodline pay tribute to our first responders in their latest music video.

Written by Brett Gibbons

Them Muscadine Bloodline boys are back at it with another smash. Potentially one of the most well-written Muscadine songs yet, Dispatch to 16th Ave tells a story about how Music Row “killed” a newcomer to Nashville by shooting down his dreams.

Surface as it may seem, the titular music video gives us another layer of meaning to the song.

In the music video, released on Veterans Day, Charlie and Gary took their own lyrics literally.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what the Muscadine boys would look like if their music dreams were murdered like the song’s subject, well, here you go. They stand in as several first responders beginning with police officers on the scene of the murder.

From the point of view of the dying man, you follow them through the ER, where they try their damndest to save the young songwriter. Take this as a metaphor for what Muscadine is trying to do in real life by keeping not only country music alive, but the path for new original songwriters trying to make it in Crazy Town.

Our young songwriter dies in the ER. It’s a peak behind the curtain at what doctors and nurses go through daily– the regrettable reality that not everyone makes it out.

The curtain closes into a body bag being unzipped and Charlie and Gary are coroners. They’re tasked with determining the cause of death as the chorus plays overtop.

Finally, the pair gather to mourn another murder on Music Row. They say their goodbyes to the next promising songwriter that couldn’t catch a flame because he played too slow, or wouldn’t sing something that somebody else wrote.

Maybe, he should have packed up and headed on home, with a pen and pad filled with country songs.

Or maybe the next group of songwriters should do what Muscadine Bloodline did. Grind and grind without needing to make it on the radio until they caught their own flame on their own songs. After all, these boys are here to revive country music.

The whole video culminates with its purpose: THANK YOU FIRST RESPONDERS. For your service and protection.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, this video couldn’t have come at a better time.

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