Hot off the release of her sophomore single, If He Wanted to He Would, Margaret Haynie released her first official music video on December 1, 2021. If He Wanted to He Would, takes a unique spin on the storytelling we love about country music. The song is a conversation between two friends, one friend who’s boyfriend just won’t treat her right and the other friend who is trying to help her realize that she deserves better.

In the video, Margaret plays the friend who sees right through the guys lies. From constantly being on his phone to looking at other girls at the bar, the video tells the story of the song to a T. The final scene of the video shows Margaret and the girl leaving the bar with out the guy, and you know she realized, if he wanted to he would.

If He Wanted to He Would was written by Madeline Lenhart, Levi Orr and Haynie and was produced by Saxman Studios. Find links to all of Margarets socials below!






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