Brett and Hunter are best friends from college who have a shared love for country music and the music industry. The group also met Jessica of Country Pickinz and added her to the mix.

While living in Ohio, the duo found every opportunity to get to the nearest show with their favorite artists. They would frequently make long road trips to catch the best concerts.

Now scattered across the country, they turned to podcasting to keep their love for music alive.

Over 25K Downloads

Tailgate Country was founded in 2019 as a way for us to share our thoughts on country music and the industry. In early 2020, our podcast took a turn and we focused it around artists and their stories.

Before the year was up, we increased our listenership by 400% and crossed our first milestone– 10,000 downloads.

Just eight months later, we passed 25,000 downloads.

In 2021, we began to interview Nashville’s biggest names and red-hot up-and-comers.

Heard in all 50 states

Since retooling our show, we’ve found a new love for connecting artists to our listeners. We’ve had artists from California (Christie Huff) to Texas (Kolby Cooper) and Kentucky (Kenton Bryant), and everywhere in between.

Weekly Guests

We make sure to have weekly episodes with great guests all year round. We’re found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon, and anywhere you find podcasts. Check back for weekly interviews.


Brett Gibbons

Fort Worth, Texas

Favorite artists: Cody Johnson, Eric Church, Muscadine Bloodline, Riley Green, Parker McCollum

Hunter Baxter

Columbus, Ohio

Favorite artists: Luke Combs, Eric Church, Cody Johnson, Granger Smith, Cole Swindell

Jessica Casey

Nashville, Tennessee

Favorite artists: Cody Johnson, Zach Bryan, Whiskey Myers, Muscadine Bloodline, Riley Green

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